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At Bocek & Associates, Certified Public Accountant, we help our clients KEEP MORE OF WHAT THEY EARN by creating aggressive tax minimization strategies that are legal, ethical and within the limits of the tax law.

We are available all year to assist business owners, real estate investors and individuals to minimize taxes with our tax planning, tax advising, tax preparation and business bookkeeping services.

We are notably different than other tax advisers and preparers.

Use us if you want an adviser that will be sure to treat your tax situation uniquely, and make a special effort to carefully interview you to identify tax opportunities that are available to lower taxes for your particular tax situation.

Use us if you need to understand the tax effects of a major transaction that you are considering.

Use us if you are an experienced business owner concerned with minimizing business and personal taxes, and with reviewing the optimal structure for your business and the optimal retirement plan to fund your retirement.

Use us if you are a new business owner concerned with finding the right structure to minimize both business and personal taxes, and to learn about the tax and licensing requirements related to business ownership.

If you need business bookkeeping performed in a timely manner.

Use us if you want to educate yourself about the significant tax benefits of owning real estate.

Use us if you want to learn how to use your IRA or 401(k) funds to buy a business, invest in real estate or make other nontraditional investments.

These are our specialties. This is what we love to do.

» Tax Services For Real Estate Investors

We provide homeowners and real estate investors with tax advice related to the many tax benefits and tax effects of various real estate transactions and related financing arrangements.

» Tax Services For New and Growing Businesses

We provide business tax advising, tax planning, retirement plan selection and tax preparation services throughout the year for all entity types.

» Bookkeeping Services for Businesses

We provide timely business bookkeeping services to small corporations, LLCs, and other business owners. We can offer a monthly flat-fee arrangement that includes the cost of tax return preparation.

» Tax Services For Individuals

We provide individual income tax advising, planning and preparation services year-round.

» Use IRA or 401(k) funds to invest in a business or real estate

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  • Tax planning and tax opportunity identification to minimize taxes
  • New business consultation
  • All entity types: Corporations, S Corporations, LLCs (Limited Liability Companies,) Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, IRA LLCs, Self-directed corporation 401(k) plans


  • Tax structure advising - Tax considerations and tax opportunity identification
  • Reporting and licensing requirements
  • Advising in the use of IRA and 401(k) funds to purchase a franchise or other business


  • Tax planning for real estate transactions
  • Real estate transaction advising for rental and investment properties, first home purchases, primary residences and second homes.
  • Tax impact and tax opportunity advising for major transactions.
  • Advising in the use of IRA and 401(k) funds to invest in real estate and nontraditional investments.
  • LLC (Limited Liability Company) returns filed for all states in the USA.


  • Tax planning and tax opportunity identification to minimize taxes
  • Tax return preparation and tax filing services for accuracy, tax minimization and improved documentation.


  • We help our existing clients prevent tax issues before they arise.
  • We can assist NEW clients with:
    • Resolution of IRS and Franchise Tax Board Notices and letters
    • Filing of past due tax returns

Don't miss out on important tax deductions.

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